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We are a boutique digital agency and web development company.
We are TechnUm.

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We created and included inner pages for e-commerce. You can use it for different purposes, as example for sale and rent your product online.

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Technum WordPress Theme includes more than 100 wonderful elements for building different creative pages and blocks for your website

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Free Acceleration Unit Converter

Following units are supported (first is the main one and its value is 1):
  • Meter / square second (m/sec²). Value is 1
  • Centimeter / square second (cm/sec²). Value is 100
  • Foot / square second (ft/sec²). Value is 3.280839895
  • Standard gravity (grav). Value is 0.1019716213
  • Gal (cm/s²). Value is 100
  • G-unit. Value is 0.1019716213
  • Kilometer / square hour (km/h²). Value is 12960
  • Kilometer / hour second(km/h-s). Value is 3.6
  • Mile / hour minute(mi/h-min). Value is 134.21617752
  • Mile / hour second (mi/hr-s). Value is 2.2369362921
  • Mile / square second (mi/sec²). Value is 0.00062137119224
  • Inch / square second (in/s²). Value is 39.37007874

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